I’m a professional web developer and problem solver since 2007 and currently working as the Sr. Manager, Front End Lead for the Creative team at Lendingtree.com. I’m responsible for the front end on our consumer website, other revenue producing codebases and company informational websites.

I specialize in HTML/CSS/Javascript and write fast scalable frontends in a variety of codebases for LendingTree.

Over the last two years, I've built a front end team of 6 outstanding developers who amaze me daily. We manage codebases that earn more than 350 million in revenue per year.

Originally from Toronto, Canada, I currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina enjoying being active in the local development community.

I'm currently working on:

  • A way better website than this page
  • Node.js fullstack development
  • Pushing my vanillia javascript skills up a couple of notchs
  • Writing about development on DEV.to. Articles coming soon.